About Us


our cafe customers asked us for vegan pizzas and we realized we had a problem.  We had developed a fantastic vegan cauliflower pizza crust, but all of the vegan cheeses we tried were really disappointing. So we got to work. Over the course of the next year we learned about vegan cheese making and set out to develop a line of cheeses that were delicious AND functional. We listened to our friends and customers lament about missing things like lasagne, baked ziti and caprese, and we wanted to create plant-based options that tasted like their dairy counterparts that could be used to make those comfort foods that lots of vegans were missing. In addition to the pizza crusts we ended up making vegan and gluten-free cheesecakes, tiramisu and blondies.  But what stood out from all the rest was the ultimate comfort food, fried nozzarella sticks! Our vegan and gluten-free fried nozzarella sticks look, taste and satisfy like their dairy counterparts, but without the cruelty. And so Nodoh was born.

No grain.  No gluten.  Nodoh.